“Eastbound & Down” Renewed for Second Season


Logging on to Facebook just now, I saw a rather fantastic friend status update in my stalker feed: This is, as I mentioned, fantastic news. Eastbound and Down premiered on HBO to spectacularly low ratings three months ago, but over the course of its six-episode season, it picked up a steady cult audience; I tuned […]

“Arrested Development” Movie a Go!

According to E!, the Arrested Development film is set for production as early as the end of this year, since Michael Cera has reportedly (finally) signed on to the film. Cera had refused to discuss the film and, when pushed for answers about his lack of involvement with the film, basically implied that the script […]

Playing Catch-Up


I haven’t had much free time lately, hence the lack of posts. So I figured I’d play some catch-up today. Let’s go! I saw Two Lovers on Saturday (go figure). It was pretty good. Joaquin Phoenix’s performance was typically impressive, Gwyneth Paltrow played an annoying whiny bitch rather perfectly, and the direction was aptly low-key. […]

Tom Cruise Returns to the Today Show, Does Not Murder Matt Lauer

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise returned to the Today Show, er, today, to promote his new film, Valkyrie. Matt Lauer started the interview off right by recollecting back to three years ago, when Cruise — promoting War of the Worlds — declared Matt Lauer to be “glib” when he disagreed with Cruise on psychiatry and modern science, a […]

Catching Up with TV Vol. 2

A while back, at the beginning of the fall television schedule, I mentioned my struggle to keep up with all the good shows that were airing: Dexter, Entourage, 30 Rock, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Californication — the list goes on. The funny thing is, I never watched TV — at all,  really — until […]