Good News, Everyone! Futurama Returns with Original Cast


A few months ago, news broke that Fox would be re-casting its Futurama resurrection due to salary disputes with original voice actors. Well, apparently the fan outcry proved enough to change the company’s collective mind (and really, who didn’t see that coming?). According to this article, the whole crew’s back and have already begun recording […]

Growing Backwards: “Weeds” Season 5


Every show hits a slump at some point. That is why, for as awful as the cancellations of Arrested Development and Freaks and Geeks may have seemed to fans, such a curse may really have been a blessing in disguise. Weeds is a perfect example: what was once a funny, subversive and witty dramedy is […]

The “Entourage” Is Back

entourage-season-6-poster.jpg (JPEG Image, 447x603 pixels)_1247461447797

By this point, watching new episodes of Entourage is like visiting an old friend. No, it isn’t necessarily fresh or revelatory — but it’s comforting and surprisingly nostalgic seeing these guys on the screen again. In other words: by now, you know precisely what to expect and how to expect it. Season 6 opens with […]

Why is Conan O’Brien Losing the Tonight Show Race?

Conan O'Brien

I was always under the impression that Conan O’Brien was a beloved figure of this generation’s culture. The dude’s been on TV since the early ’90s, wrote for The Simpsons’ best (and most popular) seasons, and has pretty much established himself as a consistent and entertaining performer (not to mention I have never personally met […]

Danny DeVito is Drunk On TV Again

A little while back, Danny DeVito showed up completely trashed for a morning taping of The View. Apparently, it wasn’t the first — or last — time he’s been drunk in the a.m. Check out this news clip from Philly, where DeVito, Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia were interviewed […]