Prince Sighted in Minneapolis

Approaching the stage

Apparently ‘The Purple One’ hasn’t given up on Minneapolis if his appearance at Gayngs First Ave ‘Last Prom on Earth’ show (05/14/10) is any indication. Prince decided to drop in on the band fully prepared to join in on the show.

Stone Temple Pilots – “Stone Temple Pilots”


Stone Temple Pilots never quite achieved the level of respect that they deserved. No, they weren’t particularly inventive – nor did they push many boundaries – but they were unfairly maligned by the music press as imitators, a stigma that followed them even as they switched styles from album to album. Of course, these same […]

Slash – “Slash”


Slash is pretty much what you’d expect from an album called Slash. While the other major figure from Guns N’ Roses chose to estrange himself from pop culture and spend over a decade trying to find himself, Slash has never really been afraid of embracing his rock n’ roll image — which, over the years, […]

Efterklang – Magic Chairs


Wikipedia informs us that the word “Efterklang” is the Danish equivalent of “remembrance,” which is somewhat ironic, given that post-rock and ambient albums can be some of the more difficult to recall. In my first year of college, I think I might have listened to Brian Eno’s Ambient I at least once per week during […]

Spoon – Transference


There’s good news and bad news. First, the good: Transference, Spoon’s latest album proper in two and a half years, isn’t going to lose them any fans. The bad: it probably isn’t gonna win them many new ones, either. Nope, it isn’t as good as Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, nor as catchy. The kneejerk […]