17 Again


A balding studio executive sits comfortably in the office of a Warner Brothers building, sipping from a Grande Nonfat Caramel Macchiato, listening to the younger man in front of him, who is pulling his hands apart to outline an imaginary rectangular movie screen. “Two words: Big, Teen Wolf, Freaky Friday, Back to the Future, Vice […]

Terminator Salvation


Considering that he’s part of the dreaded “MTV Generation” of filmmakers (with not one, but both of the Charlie’s Angels flicks to his credit), McG is surprisingly old-school when it comes to his framing: no jumpy Michael Bay antics or hypercutting Paul Greengrass mimicries. He is a far more organic director, letting the action sequences […]


Addictive Thoughts brings out the claws: Wolverine kinda sucks

It’s hard to dislike Hugh Jackman, which is why it’s frustrating to witness him suffering through a number of films. He’s a talented actor who’s been stuck in a rut lately, and if anyone was hoping that Wolverine would be a return to form, those expectations may well be diminished within the first few minutes […]

Playing Catch-Up


I haven’t had much free time lately, hence the lack of posts. So I figured I’d play some catch-up today. Let’s go! I saw Two Lovers on Saturday (go figure). It was pretty good. Joaquin Phoenix’s performance was typically impressive, Gwyneth Paltrow played an annoying whiny bitch rather perfectly, and the direction was aptly low-key. […]

The Best Films of 2008

The Joker

I hadn’t originally planned on putting together a list of the best films of this year, because (a) I don’t really like doing rank-order lists, and (b) I hadn’t seen many of the Oscar contenders. But I guess the temptation to put together a list won in the end (plus, I got a chance to see some more award bait).

Rather than doing it alphabetically, which I normally prefer, I’m going to try to rank them. Here goes.