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Remember when we posted about that hilarious, unintentionally (?) racist review of John Coltrane’s Live at the Village Vanguard? You know, the one by Ryan Schreiber, the founder of Pitchfork Media, who deleted his review (presumably after he realized how ignorant it was) from the website? Well, some cats on the Internet, see, they got […]

For Posterity’s Sake: The Infamous Ryan S./John Coltrane Pitchfork Review

This is the man who wrote this review.

This unintentionally racist/hilarious review was originally posted to Pitchfork in the late 1990s by site founder Ryan Schreiber, but was conveniently erased during a recent site revamp (was it coincidence that the deletion came shortly after the review had attracted a significant amount of criticism on Internet forums?). Regardless of the reason for its removal, […]