I Was Wrong

Ace Ventura, Jr. - Pet Molester

Move away from Satan, Michael Cera. This is the worst thing ever. What I’d like to know is: which Hollywood casting agent was walking into McDonald’s, spotted this fatass eating his fifth Flurry and said to himself, “Oh, my GOD! That’s IT! He’s the spittin’ image of Jim Carrey! WE’VE FOUND OUR NEW ACE VENTURA!” […]

The Worst Thing Ever

Stare into the steely-eyed doom of Michael Cera.

Not just the worst movie poster ever, but possibly the worst thing ever. And that includes both World Wars. Granted, I haven’t seen the film, but that seems rather irrelevent at this point. Every time someone looks at this poster, an art design major with a thankless job in marketing drops dead.