Prince Sighted in Minneapolis

Approaching the stage

Apparently ‘The Purple One’ hasn’t given up on Minneapolis if his appearance at Gayngs First Ave ‘Last Prom on Earth’ show (05/14/10) is any indication. Prince decided to drop in on the band fully prepared to join in on the show. Gayngs manager Nate Vernon described the mentality of the group as they performed while Prince sat on the sidelines, “Everyone was freaking out, like, what do we do?”. The situation became more intriguing as the show continued, with Prince sitting on the sidelines rocking out alone. Eventually the band leader Ryan Olson decided to confront Prince head on: “I saw [Prince] was there and was like, ‘I should go address this’, I asked him if he wanted to play; he said he did.”

There are numerous reports as to why Prince never took the stage, varying from Prince being frustrated by never being acknowledged on stage by the band, to Prince deciding that “they’ve got it under control.” There are no confirmations on these rumors though. With rumors of a new Prince album, titled Androgynine, to come out this June, it would have been nice to see him on stage performing some songs. Perhaps we will get a glimpse of his new work in his rumored Summer tour in Europe. Either way expect some more concrete Prince news in the near future.

Make sure to check out Gayngs at :

Also, check Prince out at : well…maybe he will turn up here:

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