De Niro to Star in “Another Midnight Run”?

Nikki Fincke of Deadline Hollywood buried  a rather interesting nugget of information in a Jan 24th article about Robert De Niro’s transition back to Creative Artists Agency:

But estimates are that the 66-year-old actor made $35M with WME’s Ari Emanuel in less than 2 years. That included the big payday for the 3rd Fockers installment which WME put together, the movies Stone with Edward Norton and Machete with Robert Rodriguez, as well as Another Night In Suck City for Focus Features with Paul Weitz directing, a showy role playing Gov George Wallace in Precious director Lee Daniels’ next pic about desegregation, plus mid-development on another Midnight Run, and other film projects.

Midnight Run, of course, is a cult favourite 1980s comedy — one of those buddy-cop genre pictures (think Planes, Trains meets Lethal Weapon) that only ever seem hokey and retro when they’re done nowadays. De Niro played a grizzled bounty hunter trying to escort hypochondriac Charles Grodin back to LA so he can cash a big check and retire. They’re chased by the FBI, mobsters and fellow bounty hunters all the way.

The interesting thing to note is that two direct-to-TV movies starring Shooter McGavin as Jack Walsh, the De Niro character, were already made in the early ’90s — and, in fact, one of them was titled “Another Midnight Run” — so it’ll be interesting to see if they sidestep those two films altogether, and use the same title, or if they acknowledge them at all.

Another point of speculation is Charles Grodin’s involvement: the man retired from acting many years ago (inexplicably popping up in a bad movie with the dude from Scrubs in 2006), and beyond that, quite frankly, he’s not as young as he used to be. I would hope at the very least that they provide him with some type of cameo – maybe Jack’s on the run again, for example, and shows up at his doorstep for help.

And while this is also purely speculation, Martin Brest hasn’t made a film since Gigli, and it’s about time for him to resurrect himself…

And yet part of me hopes this doesn’t happen, because the original film worked so well on its own. I think it was open to sequels back in the ’80s, because the Jack Walsh character provided the opportunity for further adventures, but after 20 + years, the movie has become more singular in most fans’ minds, and they’ll immediately want Grodin back fulltime — it was his banter and chemistry with De Niro that made the first film so fun, and after De Niro’s career downfall over the last decade, I’ve lost just a little bit of faith in his choice of projects.

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