New Radiohead Song Leaks Onto the Internet

Last week, Radiohead released a new single in tribute to Harry Patch, the last remaining WWI veteran, who died July 25th, aged 111. Thom Yorke followed the release of this song with a statement implying that Radiohead were “done” releasing albums, and wouldn’t be putting out any records for a long while. That’s why yesterday evening was a surprise for many fans — a new song, titled “These Are My Twisted Words,” leaked online. An apparent Scene release, the high-quality MP3 file comes packaged with an .NFO — for those who aren’t in the know (that kinda rhymes), these files contain information about the accompanying pirated material. In this case, there was a poem attached, as well as an enigmatic release date (hinting that something will come out on August 17th). Perhaps most interestingly, the leaked track itself appears to have been numbered as the first track. The first track of what, though? An album? An EP?

I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough — but for now, here’s the track.


What do you think of it?


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    John –

    Couldn't figure out how to contact you, so I'm doing it here – can you drop me your email? I saw your thesis thumbnail question over at Kate Foy and want to email you about it – I'm going through the same thing – I'm thinking by looking here that I know how you resolved it, but want to make sure…

    Thanks – KD

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