Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones Are… Them Crooked Vultures!

crooked452This may very well be the best music news in, like, forever. Despite my best efforts, I can’t resist loving Queens of the Stone Age, and though I’m not too keen on Dave Grohl or the Foo Fighters in general, there’s no doubt the man can kick some major rock n’ roll ass. John Paul Jones, of course, needs no introduction or justification: he played with fuckin’ Zeppelin, man.

There have been rumours floating about for years that the three rock gods would unite for a supergroup project, with Grohl even confirming such in 2005, but nothing ever came of these stories…until now. The band name: Them Crooked Vultures. The album: possibly Deserve the Future (though, it should be noted, this is merely the text on their official website, and it might not mean anything).

I just can’t wrap my head around how awesomely badass this is going to be. My only hope is that it doesn’t veer too far into metal territory, as is often the case when Grohl and Homme work together. Then again, I think I’m in a minority in that regard (most fans think Songs for the Deaf, on which Grohl played drums, is Queens’ best work), so who cares what I think?

The group’s playing a “secret” show on August 9th. Deets here. Wicked artwork/promo ad above.


  1. tcaporale says

    I wonder if the vocals will be split between Homme and Grohl or if Homme will just take over the singing duties.

    • says

      I've been wondering that myself. I hope Homme does most of (if not all) the vocals. Dude's got the definition of a rock n' roll voice.

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