New “Avatar” Poster

avatar posterTo the left, as you can see, is the newest piece of promotional material from James Cameron’s forthcoming Avatar. Scheduled for a late December time slot, I have to say, I find it rather curious that the poster doesn’t even indicate a release date — is that a good way of gathering people’s interests? We’re a quarter of a year away from its debut and so far there hasn’t even been a teaser trailer or viral marketing. Given its enormous budget (reportedly well in excess of $300 million), I suppose Cameron has a master plan — after all, we know he’ll be screening 15 minutes of free footage on IMAX screens around the nation in August — but it’s all just a bit odd for such a high profile epic.

Anyway, this poster apparently features the “avatar” rendering of Zoe Saldana’s character. What’s an avatar? Who is Sigourney Weaver playing? How did Sam Worthington get this job, and will his accent be less insufferably inconsistent than it was in Terminator Salvation? All will be revealed this Christmas! (Or will it? Roll on Avatar Too Christmas ’11!)

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