Star Trek Cologne: For People Who Can Afford Never Having Sex

I suppose odder things have happened — Burger King’s body spray, for example — but this certainly ranks up there: Star Trek has a new cologne, called Red Shirt. So it’s sorta like Versace’s Blue Jeans, except for people who don’t want to ever get laid.

Offered by vendor ThinkGeek, the official product description states:

Red Shirt Star Trek Cologne is both silly and not all at once. Sure it’s mocking all the poor extras who filled the role of cannon fodder for Kirk and his crew, but it also smells really dang nice too. Because sometimes you just need to smell your best, and Red Shirt Star Trek Cologne is a way to do it in style. And who knows, you might not just be an extra destined to die – you could very well be this week’s guest star. See, it might not be all bad! Red Shirt Star Trek Cologne – because tomorrow may never come.

But what if tomorrow does come, and people just think you’re an asshole?

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