First Look: Mickey Rourke in “Iron Man 2″

MickeyRourkeIronManLgI love Mickey Rourke. I liked Iron Man. Yet I couldn’t be less excited for the sequel — why? It feels rushed, frankly, and I’m not too impressed by some of the stuff we’ve seen/heard so far. Chalk up another disappointment today in the grand unveiling of Rourke’s villain, Whiplash, a Russian baddie with a pack on his chest similar to Tony Stark’s.

Underwhelming? A bit. Perhaps it’s the context of the setting (what is that, a race track?), but it just appears a bit ridiculous, doesn’t it? I wanted a Big Mean Mickey Rourke, but instead he looks like an American Gladiators reject. And coming from a huge fan of Rourke who was totally into the idea of him being in this flick, that is quite painful for me to admit.

Of course, I hope I’m wrong. I hope it turns out to be a superior sequel. But I’m getting Spider-Man 3 vibes off of this.

Iron drops May 7th next year. Check out the picture of Rourke to the left (click to enlarge).

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