Jamie Foxx to Play Frank Sinatra?!

Take this with a grain of salt, but The Telegraph is reporting that Jamie Foxx is “in the running” to play Frank Sinatra in Martin Scorsese’s upcoming biopic.

This news is surprising for one obvious reason, which I probably don’t have to point out. But I will anyway: Jamie Foxx is, like, totally black. And Frank Sinatra was as white as you get. So unless Scorsese is planning an I’m Not There-style surrealistic mind-bender (hey Marty — add Paul Walker, too!), this news is probably bunk. The original source is the Daily Express, a UK tabloid-disguised-as-a-newspaper, so it’s very likely that they’re just fucking with us.

Still, it’s kind of bizarre to even say, isn’t it? Jamie Foxx as Frank Sinatra? I almost want to see it happen, now. But I’d bet half my life savings that Leonardo DiCaprio ends up with the role…wouldn’t you?


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