Funky Homosapien Delivers on New Stimulus Package

Hip Hop legend Del tha Funky Homosapien has decided to help his fans out in these trying economic times with his new album, Funk Man.  The record is available as a free download or stream on his own website. Funk Man is Del’s seventh studio album, and it lives up to its title by providing some of his funkiest beats to date.

Get the album here!

1. Get It Right Now!
2. And They Thought That Was Hell
3. Fit Like A Glove
4. Go Against The Grain
5. Hardcore Punks Can’t Take It
6. I’m Smellin’ Myself
7. King Of Fighters
8. News Alert
9. Simple Satisfaction
10. Sometimes I Gotta Get Stupid
11. Straight From The Big Bad West Coast
12. Land Of Funk
13. Young Adrenaline

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