Billy Bob Thornton is Kind of a Douchebag

Billy Bob Thornton life lesson lectures, only $1,500 per hour
Billy Bob Thornton life lesson lectures, only $1,500 per hour

It may not come as a surprise to most people that the guy who played Bad Santa, and who used to wear Angelina Jolie’s blood in a vial around his neck, is kind of weird — but, nevertheless, the experience of watching Qtv’s interview with Billy Bob Thornton this morning was comparable to the painful awkwardness of Joaquin Phoenix’s appearance on David Letterman recently. Painful, awkward, but also damned entertaining.

In town to promote his new album with “The Boxcutters,” a country rock band, Billy Bob was confrontational from the start, refusing to cooperate with the Canadian radio program’s interviewer, and staring into space with the aimless intensity of Marlon Brando circa 1996.


The highlight of the interview, for me, was the part where Billy Bob claims he’s a musical historian who’s doing stuff nobody else has done for over thirty years. Oh, of course! The Boxcutters are really paving the way for the Hillbilly British Invasion movement. Or how about the part where he goes on a rant for three minutes about how he used to subscribe to a monster magazine as a kid, and then ends his story with absolutely no point whatsoever?

There’s no denying the man’s talent (Sling Blade, if anything, is underrated as a film and more popular for its easy parodies), but I get the feeling he’s the sort of person who sends his food back at restaurants a half dozen times just because he wants to remind everyone how important he is. That pock-marked 19-year-old waiter needs to be reminded who The Boss is!



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