Bill O’Reilly Returns to “The Daily Show”

Satirical FOX News comedian Bill O’Reilly returned to Comedy Central’s news program The Daily Show last night, and – amidst mistaking standard teddy bears for pandas and talking about being scared of Obama – there was once more plenty of scorn targeted at Jon Stewart and “his people” (is O’Reilly making another in his classic line of Semitic jokes?) for not providing unbiased coverage.

Of course, as we all know, I’m lying – O’Reilly is the news man and Jon Stewart is the satirical comedian (or, at least that’s what they say). Which makes me kind of wonder what the hell Bill O’Reilly was thinking. Has he finally realized what a joke his show is? Does he really take The Daily Show more seriously than his own coverage? And, more importantly, why haven’t any of O’Reilly’s cornered and ridiculed guests ever asked him for advice on buying the perfect loofa?

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